Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Playing peek-a-boo with baby Jesus

The other night
I was feeding baby Jesus
his evening bottle
cause Mary’s nipples
have a severe case of cracking
due to the boy’s
ferocious feeding habits.

I told her to try rubbing
some rose-hip oil
or some good old Vaseline
on them twice a day
while keeping him
on the rubber tit
till hers have healed.

She was happy for the help
and all the medical advice
as Joe was working nights
at the Bethlehem Casino
dealing cards
at the blackjack table.

Things are a bit rough
between the two of them
at the moment
as Mary doesn’t want
the lad circumcised
but dad’s adamant
the foreskin’s got to go.

So I’ll keep doing
what I can to help out

and besides…..

Mary’s got a body
to fuckin’ die for.

© Harry Rout 2017