Sunday, August 28, 2016

Popping acid with Jesus

we both stared
at the scars
on his wrists…

we both watched
the nails
as they were
into his soul

we both saw
the blood
spray the crowd
gathered at his feet

we both pleaded
for God’s
love and mercy

we both listened
to the silence
that filled
the heavens
in reply

we both sighed…

why hath thou
forsaken us?

we both saw
Mary take off
her robe
and beckon us
back to bed

Monday, August 8, 2016

Beyond good and evil (for Nietzsche)

Like rusting leaves
Upon sacred ground
Love rests bleeding
In the hearts
Of the lost
And found

Love burnt
At the stake
Of anger and hate
Engulfed in flames
Of persecution
And pain

One by one
All the meanings
Become meaningless
And all the figurines
Of flesh and blood
Finally break free
From their holy books
And flee from
From the clutches of truth

© Harry Rout 2016

The death of green

From the trees
The screams
Echo through
The universe
The axe
Of time
Hacks at the sun
With ticking
At the heart
Of all this

…all this

© Harry Rout 2016